Promoting parenting skills: A seminar for 100 mothers at Medirigiriya under the guidance of PSSL

Parenthood is a profound journey that comes with its joys and challenges. Recognizing the crucial role of PHMs in shaping the future of the next generation, the Perinatal society of Sri Lanka took a significant step towards empowering PHMs by organizing a thought-provoking awareness program to promote good parenting at their routine ante natal classes. Further add on to that, clinicians should equip parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a loving and stimulating environment for their children’s optimal growth and development.

To accomplish this direct communication with mothers, a seminar was organized by MOH, Medirigiriya in collaboration with the clinical forum of Medirigiriya Base Hospital under the guidance of PSSL by bringing together experts in respective fields where distinguished speakers shared their insight s on various aspects of parenting.

The seminar, ‘’danuwath mawai Savimath Puthai/ “දැනුවත් මවයි සවිමත් පුතුයි’’ held on 19th of July 2023 at Auditorium of National School Medirigiriya with the participation of 100 pregnant mothers ,20 midwives and 4 guest speakers.

Dr Prabhath Randombage, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist of Base Hospital Medirigiriya conducted a lecture on ‘’Improving Parenting Skills since Antenatal Period’’ which highlighted the novel concept of parenting skills and elaborated the main tips and learning points that should commence since antenatal period and within very early days of child’s life. Also, Dr Sudarshana Bandara, Consultant pediatrician of BHM gave a talk regarding “The prevention of malnutrition” and Dr Heshan Menikgamaarachchi, registrar of clinical nutrition highlighted the “Importance and practical tips of breast feeding” where both ultimately helps for a healthy future generation. Mr Palitha Baddegama, ICT & Attitude Development Lecturer and a well renowned teacher of the area conducted a talk highlighting “the tips to develop a creative child”. Also, program was glamoured by classical songs sung by a midwife and a mother.

In conclusion, the seminar on good parenting was a commendable initiative that highlighted the importance of nurturing children in a loving and stimulating environment by providing valuable insights and expert guidance. The PSSL aims to make this more sustainable and conduct similar programs in peripheral and semi urban areas with direct involvement of Consultant Obstetricians, Pediatricians, and Community Physicians. With collective effort and a focus on positive parenting we can nurture a generation that will thrive and contribute positively to the society.

Promoting parenting skills: A seminar for 100 mothers at Medirigiriya under the guidance of PSSL