Guideline on Diagnosis and Management of COVID 19 infection in children


Epidemiology Unit


  Specific Treatment for COVID-19 (addendum to provisional CPG)
  Provisional Clinical Practice Guidelines on COVID-19 suspected and confirmed patients
  Guidelines of Home Quarantine
  Guidance on the rational use of personal protective  equipment
  Environmental Cleaning Guidelines to be used during the COVID-19 outbreak
  Revision of Interim Summary guidelines COVID – 19
  Guidance for workplace preparedness for COVID – 19 Version – II
  Performance of COVID – 19 PCR testing at private sector medical laboratories
  PCR testing places for COVID – 19
  Instructions to flight from China 10.2.2020
  Corona Virus Infection  – Guideline
  Revision to interim summary guidelines for clinical management of patients with novel coronavirus COVID – 19 
  Advices for high risk country returnees
  Interim guidelines on Maternal and Child Helath Services during Curfew Period during outbreak of COVID-19 infection 27 March 2020



Family Health Bureau


  Guideline on Vaccinating pregnant mothers against COVID 19 infection
  MCH Services during curfew DMCH
  Algorithm- Antenatal care-fieldAlgorithm- Antenatal care-field
  Interim guidlines for field maternal and child care services during the outbreak of COVID-19 infection (Date 2020 March 17)
 GoSL_Hospital Guidelines_2020_3_18-1
 GoSL_Neonatal guideline_COVID-19 with annexures



  Environment cleaning