Launching of the reflective writing program for PHMs – Galle District

Introduction and background

By fulfilling another key objective of PSSL for the year 2023, a program was launched to introduce reflective writing to public health staff. The first pilot program was started in Galle and the orientation program was held on 11th April 2023 at Hotel Hasara, Galle with the participation of the president of PSSL, Dr Susie Perera. Bope-Poddala MOH area was chosen for the pilot and all the PHMs and other supervising staff of the MOH were given the training.

Content and delivery of the program

During the orientation a formal training was given on reflective writing. The module was prepared by the council member Dr Amila Chandrasiri and it was based on Gibbs reflective model. After the initial lecture a group was done and all the participants were grouped into 3 groups and requested to chose a real experience related to maternal and child health service provision and make a short reflection based on the given model. Participants presented their reflections and it was apparent that all had a satisfactory idea about reflective writing. In addition to that a lecture on ‘developing parenting skills’ was done by Dr Praneeth Thommadura, MOH-Karandeniya. The President of PSSL, Dr Susie Perera and RDHS-Galle, Dr K. Somarathna participated in the event.

Continuation of the program and timeline

Each PHM is requested to start the ‘reflective journal’, reflecting current practices and interventions in promoting parenting among a selected client family. PHMs were requested to make the 1st entry soon after the session and make the 2nd entry by first 2 weeks of June. MOH and PHNS were entrusted with the responsibility of supervision and guidance. A follow up session will be held by 15th of June to assess the progress. The 3rd entry is expected to make by first 2 weeks of August and all the reflective journals will be collected by 15th of August. They will be assessed by a panel of experts and PHMs who made best journals will be given the opportunity of presenting them in the annual academic sessions and they will be also be awarded.

Launching of the reflective writing program for PHMs – Galle District